Simple Tips to Lose Weight

I already uploaded a post where I shared some simple tips to lose weight but I decided to share some more. I personally achieved my weight loss and health goals without going on any crazy, restrictive diets or by counting every bite I take. I only followed tips such as these that are straightforward and simple. If you are looking to lose some weight or maybe you just want to try to live a healthier lifestyle, I recommend trying them out!

1. Eat for what you will be doing

One of my previous tips for weight loss was to practice intuitive eating, where you simply listen to your body as opposed to trying to plan out every single food that enters your body. I still stand strongly behind this tip (because I frankly think it is the most crucial,) however, I do think that it is important to take future activities into consideration when deciding what to eat.

For example, you may not feel hungry when you get up in the morning but if you are planning to head to the gym for an intense workout, it would be a good idea to fuel properly. Now like I mentioned in my other post, don’t force yourself to eat “x” amount of food if you don’t feel like it—that goes against eating intuitively. In situations like this, it might be a good idea to then pack something to eat for later for when you do feel like it. In general, if you have long or strenuous activities ahead of you, keep them in mind for when you are eating (or packing food) so you can have enough fuel! Also, if you plan ahead and pack a healthy snack, when you get hungry, you won’t feel the need to stop at McDonalds.

This tip goes the other way as well. Imagine that it’s the end of the day and you are about to grab a bite before bedtime. Since you are about to be sleeping, it wouldn’t be the best choice to have a huge, heavy meal. You don’t need as much fuel at that point so you would just be consuming excess amounts of food which isn’t ideal for when your goal is to lose weight. Now you shouldn’t starve yourself before bed because you probably just had a busy day and your body needs substance, I only suggest reaching for something a little bit lighter!

2. Aim to be consistent

This can sometimes be a difficult tip to follow especially if you have a busy schedule that is constantly changing, however through personal experience I have discovered that consistency is key! I’m not talking about eating the EXACT same meals and snacks at the EXACT same time everyday. That would be incredibly hard to do. Instead, try to eat your meals at roughly the same time everyday and aim for nice healthy foods at these meals. You most likely see the results you want if you skip breakfast some days and grab a couple donuts on others.  Having healthy, balanced dinners at 6 for two days out the week won’t do you much good if you have poor ones at 11 on the other five days. Our bodies will try to adapt to our schedules so make it easier for yourself by aiming to be consistent.

3. Find foods that you like

I think the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s often not that difficult to get started but trying to keep it up is where most of us struggle. The easier way to prevent this common “fizzle” is to find healthy foods that you enjoy. Don’t force yourself to chow down on kale if you don’t like it, because you will most likely end up reaching for the cookies again. If you really enjoy fresh fruit and you were to pick it over the kale, you would feel more satisfied and happy. Take time to try new foods and recipes to discover things that you like and will actually enjoy eating.

4. Realize when you are getting “off track”

It can be very frustrating when you aren’t seeing the results that you want. When this happens, we tend to panic and go to extremes to compensate. This is not very good for our mental or physical health. Instead, try to realize when you start to veer off course.

What I mean by this is say you start having an extra sweet treat every night before bed. Now doing this once probably won’t do any damage but after several days, you might see/feel some negative results. Let’s say after 8 days of this extra treat you step on the scale and completely panic, thinking, “What happened?” This is a position that no one wants to be in. To prevent this, become aware of any not-so-good habits as they are starting. You have an extra treat one night so take some time to consider this before you reach for another on the second night.

5. Forgive yourself

Now that previous tip is helpful but let’s face it, we all go “off track” occasionally. When this does happen, the first thing to do is forgive yourself. Don’t try to go to extremes to compensate. Don’t let it fill you with stress. Don’t mentally punish yourself. Just forgive yourself and move on. Think of it as starting on a clean state. Doing this will put you in a good mental position to then get back “on track.”

Losing weight and getting healthier doesn’t have to be a difficult, overwhelming process. I personally have found that following simple, straightforward tips works best! These are some of my favorite tips and don’t forget to check out some of my other ones in my other post. I wish you the best of luck in reaching your goals!


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