My Trader Joe’s Favorites

I absolutely love Trader Joe’s! It is my favorite grocery store due the variety of great foods and reasonable prices (and no, this post is not sponsored—I just really love this store!) There are so many fun, healthy foods that taste amazing so I thought I would share some of my favorites!

1. Crunchy slaw salad

This is my all time favorite salad.  It is a really good size and I have found that it always taste incredibly fresh! It comes with a peanut dressing on the side that is a little bit high in calories and fat but I never use the whole thing. This is my go-to for when I’m in a rush but I want something nice and healthy.

2. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a cooking essential for me and I have found Trader Joe’s coconut oil to be great quality and reasonably priced. I mostly use coconut oil for stir frying vegetables because it works wonderfully! It is a great healthy fat that can be incorporated into tons of recipes.

3. Organize green tea 

I drink green tea every single morning and this one is by far my favorite! It isn’t super bitter unlike some green teas and it has an amazing flavor! (I have tried many other teas from Trader Joe’s and they are also incredible!)

4. Cacao nibs

These are amazing! They are little dark chocolate covered, crunchy bits that are perfect for a quick snack. I also like them for topping things like yogurt and oatmeal. They add a great chocolatey flavor and a satisfying crunch. They also give you a nice energy boost because of the cacao.

5. Whole wheat pizza dough

Pizza is incredible and while you can of course make some healthy dough at home, I find it much more convenient to purchase it at the store! This dough is easy to work with and it tastes great! I highly recommend trying it out!


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