Getting Motivated

The first step to doing anything whether it is accomplishing a task, making a lifestyle change, or achieving a goal is getting motivated. I like to think of motivation as energy and you need that energy in order to take steps forward. But obtaining that energy isn’t always easy. Sometimes problems or doubts stop us from getting motivated therefore preventing any sort of progress. I have created a list of things to do that will put you in the right mindset and get you feeling motivated so that you can move forward!

1. Create a good environment

It’s amazing what a small change to your environment can do for your mindset. When you have an area that you enjoy working in, you will find more motivation to work! Think about an area where you spend most of your time in or somewhere in which the energy lacks the most. This area should also tie into the place in your life where you feel you need the motivation. For example, if you want to get motivated to eat healthier, consider your kitchen. If you want to take extra care with your study habits, try your desk. Once the location has been decided, think about how you would want to spruce it up.

This could be as simple as just tidying up or reorganizing. I personally have found that just cleaning up my desk can make me feel so much more motivated. Not only does it make it easier to find papers and get tasks done but it also makes a big difference to my overall mindset. If you are already working in a pretty clean environment, try sprucing it up with some decor. Add a cute mug to your desk or a vase of pretty flowers to your counter top. Little things like this will put you in a great mental place providing you with the motivation necessary to achieve your goals.

2. Set goals

It is very hard to gather the energy necessary to move forward when you don’t have a destination in mind. This is where setting goals comes into play. I go more in depth about this process in my post “How to Set and Track Your Goals” so I suggest checking that out if your a new to goal-setting.

But simply creating goals won’t do a lot as far as gathering motivation. You might feel a sudden burst when you first establish the goal but it will probably fade out pretty quickly. This is why it is important to see your goals every single day. Put them on your bulletin board or pin them to your wall. Better yet, rewrite those goals down every morning in a notebook or planner. By physically putting the words on paper you will feel that same initial motivation everyday when you first get up!

3. Establish routines

A lot of times it is difficult to feel motivated when your life seems like a chaotic mess. Now, we can’t always follow a perfect schedule and have everything work out smoothly because conflicts and other people or tasks do get it way. However, I’m sure that you can find certain parts of your day where you can create routines. These routines can be incredibly simple, you just need to have them!  For example, try to wake up around the same time everyday, make it a habit to make your bed in the morning, take 5 minutes at night to read a chapter of a book. Doing little things like this everyday will create a sense of tidiness in your life and as I mentioned before, tidiness leads to motivation!

Motivation is something we all need in order to achieve our goals. It is a common misconception, however, that we gather motivation from other people. And while it can be inspiring to see other people’s lives, we all live our own and therefore we should create our own motivation. These three tips can help you in gathering this energy necessary to move forward. Let me know what some of your favorite methods are for getting motivated!


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