Tips for Living a Happier Life

I think that one goal we all share is to live a happy life. Happiness is an incredible thing because not only is it a great feeling but it also acts as an amazing motivator for us to go out and do our best. When you are in a great mood, you get things done, so why not try to live a life that is full of happiness? I have created a list of tips for how you can live a happy life throughout all of the various ups and downs life has to offer. Enjoy!

1.  Be helpful and kind

Reaching out to help others and to be genuinely kind are tasks that unfortunately don’t always find their way onto our agendas. We often get so caught up in our own busy lives that we forget to take the time to be generous. And I’m not saying that we are all mean, selfish people; I’m just saying that we don’t always go out of our way to help others. However I promise that doing this will make such a difference in your overall mood.

You don’t have to go out and do charity work or anything, (but you are more than welcome to!) but try doing little things throughout the day to benefit other people. For example, send your friend a nice text, hold the door open for a stranger, buy your mom a coffee, offer to help someone with a task, etc. Doing little things like this will make those people feel special and it will leave you with great feelings as well!

2.  Maintain a good attitude

This tip isn’t always the easiest especially because conflicts and problems arise that tend to crush our attitudes. However, when you put a little bit more effort in trying to stay positive, dealing with these issues becomes easier. For example, say your flight gets canceled. Instead of letting that one thing ruin your day, smile, breathe, and move on with a good attitude. Not only will you feel better but you will also be in a better mental place to actually solve the problem. I personally think that letting conflicts crush your mood gives them power and ultimately you should be the one in charge! You can’t always control life’s issues, however you can always control your attitude so try your best to maintain a good one!

3.  Eat well

Not only does consuming nutrient rich foods make you feel physically better, but personally I have found that I feel so much happier when I eat healthy. I feel motivated and energized and ready to take on my day. Where as when I eat poorly, I tend to feel guilty and sluggish. Take care of your body by feeding it with good, whole foods and it will repay you with a great mood!

4.  Surround yourself with positivity

It is very difficult to live a happy life when you are surrounded by negativity. These bad vibes can come from social media, people, or certain environments. However we don’t always realize this. For the longest time I was following certain accounts on Instagram that were filled with posts containing complaints about various things. These accounts were radiating negativity, however I never really thought twice about it until I made it a goal to only surround myself with good vibes and feelings. When I unfollowed those accounts and found new ones that were happy and positive, I noticed a drastic change in my mood.

Think about things that might be sending negative vibes into your life and try to find ways to avoid them. For example, certain people might be in your life right now that are only putting you down and ruining your mood. You might not be able to avoid these people completely but try your best to move past them and find other people who will ultimately make you feel good!

Those were my 4 tips for living a happier life. We all deserve to feel happy so go out and find what puts you in a great mood!


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