How to Be More Productive

Productivity is something that I have talked about a lot. I think that it is one of the most important things when it comes to getting things done and achieving your goals. Because ultimately, you could have all of the time in the world but if you don’t manage it well, nothing will get accomplished.

Being productive isn’t always as easy as it seems though. A lot of times we start the day with an intention of being focussed and productive in order to get things done but as the day creeps on, our productivity slips away. I have created a list of tips and methods to help you not only be more productive, but to also maintain that effectivity throughout the entire day. (Unlike my other posts where my tips are listed in a step by step format, these ones are listed randomly)

1. Keep a tidy workspace

I’m sure many of you have heard the expression, “A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind!” or something along those lines and as cliché as it sounds, it holds some truth. I personally find it incredibly difficult to get things done when I’m surrounded by random papers or if my bed is mess. This is because these things are like mini distractions that are pulling my focus away from whatever I’m working on. When you are working in a clean, organized environment, all of your attention can be placed on your work. I suggest trying to tidying up at night so that you start your day in a “productivity-ready” workspace!

2. Set goals

It is very difficult to get tasks done when you lack motivation. It’s kinda like driving a car without a destination in mind. This is why setting goals is so important. It gives you a sense of direction and you will feel more motivated to stay productive in order to accomplish the things you want to accomplish. In my post, “How to Set and Track Your Goals” I go more into depth about goal setting and how to use it to maximize your productive so I recommend checking that out.

3. Make lists

One of the biggest things that limits productivity is being unorganized. When you don’t have things written down, you often lose sight of them.  Making lists will help you stay organized and on track throughout the day!

4. Move around

Staying in one location for long periods of time can really hinder your ability to focus and work effectively.  It is easy to plop down at your desk and spend all day working there however as time goes on, your productivity will probably slow down. I suggest trying to switch locations at least once throughout your day. Go to the library or a nearby café to get some work day. Being in a new environment will help you refocus when you start to experience a slump!

5. Take breaks 

Just like staying in one location, working for too long can really hurt your productivity. Breaks are incredibly important for helping you maintain a great work ethic all day long. There are many different methods for taking breaks. Some people will take 15 minute breaks every 45 minutes, some people take 30 minute breaks every 2 hours. Find out what works best for you.

It is very important to be disciplined with taking breaks. If you end up taking a 30 minute break instead of a 10 minute one, that’s not very productive. The same thing goes for working. If you plan on taking a break after 1 hour of working, take a break after 1 hour of working! I know it is easy to get caught up on something and you just want to keep working but try your best to stick to your schedule in order to maximize your productivity. I recommend utilizing timers to help you stay on track.

6. Start your day earlier

Ugh mornings. I know, I know, getting up early is not always fun but trust me, when you start your day bright and early, you will be more productive. A lot of times when you sleep in and begin your morning on a lazy note, you don’t feel inclined to get things done.  When you set an early alarm and get up right away, you will put yourself in a better, more productive mindset. Also on a more obvious note, when you get up earlier you will have more time to get things done and you won’t have to cram things in at the end of the day!

7. Don’t multitask

It’s a funny concept how when you try to get many things done at once, you end up accomplishing less. This is true because our minds don’t work as well when they are being pulled in many different directions. When you try to do multiple tasks all at one time, you won’t be able to put your full focus onto each task and you will most likely just end up feeling overwhelmed. Take your time on accomplishing each project or task one at a time because you will actually end up getting more done.

8. Allow “you” time

Don’t forget to allow time for yourself. We often get so caught up with what needs to get done that we forget to take moments to relax and have fun. Now I understand that a lot of people consider their work to be enjoyable and that is great! However, work is work and when you step away from it for a short period of time to do something fun, you will ultimately increase your productivity. For example I really enjoy working on some of my projects and a lot of times I could spend hours and hours working on them without complaining. However when I make myself step away for a bit to either read or watch a video I find that I come back to the project “recharged” and I feel a lot better!

Staying productive is incredibly important for getting things done and accomplishing your goals. These tips are some of my favorites for maximizing productivity throughout the day. Find out what works best for you and I hope you have a wonderful, productive day!


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