Productive Things to Do When Bored

I think that we all experience boredom every once in awhile. When these moments hit we are faced with two options: lay down and scroll or get up and be productive. For some people this can be difficult choice because they don’t want to be lazy but at the same time they don’t know what to do that’s considered “productive.” I was one of these people. I always liked the idea of spending my weekends accomplishing things and bettering my life but I didn’t exactly know how to do those things.I wasn’t sure what it meant to be productive. By definition the word means, “yielding results, benefits, or profits.” Okay… so what sort of activities can we do that will yield results, benefits, or profits? Surprisingly, there are a lot and I have created of some of my favorites!

1. Write lists

Pick up a pen and start writing. These lists can be simple things like what you need to get at the store or they can be more mentally challenging like what your long term goals are and the steps you need to take to accomplish them. No matter what you are writing down, take your time and really focus your mind. I love doing this because it makes me feel like I’m narrowing down my thoughts onto one piece of paper in a neat list. Sometimes my mind feels disorganized, like I have hundreds of thoughts buzzing around and by simply creating lists, these thoughts become clear. But is this “productive?” In my opinion, yes. I think it is always productive to organize your mind just like you would organize a cupboard or shelf.

2. Try a new recipe

I love to cook and I am always on the search for new healthy recipes. I highly recommend spending some time either flipping through a cookbook or browsing Pinterest for some yummy recipes that you can try. On weekends I will often take a quick look in my fridge to see what I have, look up a healthy recipe that requires those ingredients, and try it out for one of my meals that day. Doing this is definitely more productive then just sitting around and not only will you learn something but you might find a new favorite meal!

3.  Pick a space and organize it

Ugh, cleaning. I know it might not be as fun as playing video games or browsing social media but if you are anything like me it does a great job at making you feel inspired and motivated (which are two wonderful feelings.) Also most of time once I feel motivated, I am more likely to spend my free time doing other productive tasks. Not everyone gets the same feelings about cleaning as I do though. For a lot of people, it can be an overwhelming and stressful process. That is why I say to pick a space. Just one! It can be a desk drawer, a shelf in the pantry, or a small section of your closet. Just start with one small space and take your time cleaning it out and organizing it. For the longest time I procrastinated cleaning out my closet because I thought it was just way too messy and I felt overwhelmed just looking at it. I finally decided to divide it up into small sections and every time I was feeling bored, I cleaned one of the sections. Eventually, my entire closet looked beautiful and I was honestly surprised at how easy the process seemed!

4. Plan the next day

I would have to say that this is my go to activity for when I’m feeling bored. In my post “How to Plan Your Day” I walked you through the process of how I organize my tasks, schedule, and goals for the day to come. When I’m bored I will go ahead and go through this process for the next day. I set goals and intentions and I can begin planning ahead. For example if I see that I have to get up early for practice, I can start laying out my clothes and packing my bag. Not only is planning super productive but it will help you save time and energy the next day!

5. Read a book

Ok, I was very hesitant to include this option because for some people (cough cough, me) reading can actually be quite the opposite of productive. I’m sorry, but Harry Potter is just so good and it is very easy to spend hours and hours at Hogwarts instead of doing any other daily task. Reading can be quite productive though! First you have to figure out which books are simply for pleasure and what books will “yield results.” Some of my favorite books to read are ones about business, psychology, and nutrition. Even though I love Harry Potter, these books will certainly provide me with more knowledge that I can apply to my life. I’m not saying to ditch your favorite books completely but I’m simply suggesting to reach for more informative ones at times when you want to be productive!

In my opinion all of these activities are productive ways to spend your time when you are experiencing boredom. However, being productive means different things to different people. I recommend trying out some of my activities and coming up with a few of your own. Often times if you feel good doing it and it makes you feel accomplished, it’s productive!


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